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RioVida: Antioxidants + 4Life Transfer Factor

Meet the RioVida Products

RioVida products feature a rush of mouth-watering ingredients, including antioxidant fruits and 4Life Transfer Factor. These products are delicious, refreshing, and one of a kind. Ride the river of life with RioVida!

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Antioxidants + 4Life Transfer Factor

RioVida products:

  • Are patent protected
  • Include a delicious blend of apple, purple grape, blueberry, açaí, pomegranate, and elderberry
  • Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) and Blueberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) have antioxidant properties
  • Elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) and vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • Vitamin C helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue and protect cells against oxidative damage

Ride the river of life with antioxidant-rich fruits and 4Life Transfer Factor.


The first liquid food supplement in the world to combine antioxidant fruits with 4Life Transfer Factor and Vitamin C to take care of your immune system.

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RioVida Burst

Riovida with the immune system goodness of Vitamin C conveniently delivered in a smooth and delicious edible gel blend.

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RioVida Stix

The delicious and refreshing RioVida flavour in a portable, ready-to-mix powder packs. It includes mineral salts that help to achieve adequate hydration during the practice of physical activity.

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