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4Life CEO Takes 2nd Term as DSA Chairman

4Life CEO Takes 2nd Term as DSA Chairman
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Salt Lake City, UT (June 17, 2024) 4Life President and CEO Danny Lee has been nominated and approved for a second term as Chairman of the USA Direct Selling Association (DSA).

The unanimous Board vote, as well general membership approval, took place in a hybrid board meeting with attendees online and in-person in Boise, Idaho. As DSA Chairman for a second term, Lee will continue to represent the collective interests of more than 8 million direct sellers and 45 million customers throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Since 1910, the DSA has promoted and protected direct sellers.

During his second term, Lee will continue to elaborate on his dictum of expanding influence among policy makers, state and federal agencies, and the general public alike. In 2017, Lee was among the first industry executives to ensure funding for the development of the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC). This initiative, administered by BBB National Programs, promotes best practices and accountability.

4Life Founder David Lisonbee: “Danny’s second term as DSA Chairman will, no doubt, prove as productive as his first. I am pleased to see him represent our channel with the same ethical leadership that he’s known for at 4Life.”

4Life, The Immune System Company, and the first to bring 4Life Transfer Factor research to market, has offices in dozens of countries to serve its consumers around the world.

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